Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Microsoft Research teases next generation UI's

Microsoft Research releases a teaser demonstrating advanced User Interfaces, which will be implemented in both computers as well as mobile phones by Windows in near future. In a promotional video, Craig Mundie, Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer, said that this is going to be one of the biggest shifts in the evolution of computing where computers are just not about computing, but will be induced with different levels of sensing capability. He talks about shifting the graphical interface to the next level of UI, known as Natural user interface, where people interact with the computer. The main purpose of these UI's is to ease the usability of computers, so that everyone can get access to technology. With these advancements, powerful computers are expected in future, making them capable enough to present the complicated connected world, in an orderly way to the users.  Microsoft is developing state-of-art technology, and has been doing research since 20 yrs at Microsoft Research.
Microsoft Research also released a presentation video, which shows the next-gen Windows Mobile user interfaces.

So is this the beginning of a completely new era of computing?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011