Friday, February 4, 2011

Apple's Last Resort: India !!?

Jan 27 2010 was the day, the world saw what can be termed as epoch making or breakthrough in the world of gadgets....  another new gizmo which was entirely different from anything that had been there before.The so called the "Apple iPad", was another product from the Apple stable that rocked the market, redefining that Apple was indeed a Technology Giant, out to create an exclusive niche for itself.. The sleek and stylish get up itself was enough for every age group to think about laying their hands first on it. No wonder, the device sold like hot cakes, and that was a feather in the cap  for Apple. There was never an immediate competitor for the iPad, and it took nearly months to make a device of impeccable standards that could match up with Apple and make people think twice before choosing one of them.

And I was one of the mad fans of Apple who was eagerly waiting for the iPad to be launched in India, only to add this technological marvel to my stock of ever multiplying gadgets. But the wait was a long one and it took nearly an exasperating  366 days to launch in India, since its first appearance to the world. That was a staggering shocker! Was that long wait nearly necessary in a country which is among the fastest developing economies and has got one of the largest markets in the world? And especially when the next generation of iPad release wasn't far off, nobody expects you to buy the older version. So whats the reason behind this delay?

Apple says 'India wasn't 3G ready, and hence the delay'. So what has the 3G got to do with the iPad WiFi version? And this was not the first time that they delayed the launch of an Apple product. India has always been given the last preference and has been indeed made Apple's last resort. Apple sold 15 million iPads worldwide in its first year of launch - thrice the number that analysts expected. The real reason for the delay that they couldn’t meet the demand in other countries before actually launching in India. The fact Apple has to realize is that India has huge market potential and next time they got to be prepared with the market demand and release their products all over the world on the same day. Hoping that it will be implemented on their future releases and just a reminder once a again .... there are millions of gadget freaks eagerly waiting in India too, Ya ya Indian geeks are indeed a force to reckon with!

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